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Ways to cut costs for the wedding day

wedding decoration

Everyone knows that weddings can be expensive and according to The Knot, the average cost of a wedding nationally is more than $27,000. There are always solutions for the wedding couple to cut down costs, some better than others. SFGate had an article today covering some suggestions that may provide some suggestions that I thought I would share. The topics covered include catering, cake, flowers, dress, and venues.

I was happy to see that photography was not listed because making sure you get good photos of the big day is the most important aspect of the wedding. All the topics mentioned minus the wedding dress are significant only for the wedding day but photography is something that the bride and groom can cherish for the rest of their lives.

Pre Valentine’s Portrait and Photography Meetup

My friend Crystal organized a Pre Valentine’s Day Portrait Photography Workshop for a Meetup Group and asked me to come along to help mentor. There were over 60 attendees that included many beginner photographers as well as some single men/women who were happy to model for the photographers to get some portraits taken. We split up into small groups and I was happy to teach the group some pointers and tips on photography.

portrat female


portrait male

looking cool

stunner shades


shooting in action

style portrait

peekaboo behind the tree

profile portrait


Mobile Website

iphone mobile smartphone website

With the help of, I now have a mobile smartphone tablet friendly website. My main website uses Flash, which is not viewable on Iphones or Ipads and although Flash works on Android, it is not very mobile friendly with small links on a small screen. Having a mobile version is a lot easier to navigate around. The best part is that Widedesk is free!

How it works is once you sign up, you use a simple web interface to upload your images or clip it from your current website. You can use your own logo and have a simple email or phone button on the bottom where your clients can easily contact you with just a simple click. Text is just as easy to enter and what makes Widedesk better than any other mobile website company is that the interface is very sleek allowing you to swipe left and right for different pages as opposed to clicking on tiny links. You simply just scroll up and down for more images or text.

You can check out my mobile website from any smartphone at or its also linked from my main as well. Mobile and Tablet is the wave of the future and everyone should have a mobile friendly version of their website. If you want your own mobile website, you can sign up at