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Canon 5D Mark II Sale

canon mark ii 5d

After waiting for the Canon 5D Mark III, I couldnt wait anymore and finally just went ahead and purchased a Canon 5D Mark II. B & H Photo has a really good deal right now for $1999.95 and includes:

SanDisk 16GB Extreme Pro CompactFlash Card & Lowepro Adventura 170 Shoulder Bag & Red Giant B&H Video Production Software Bundle ($719.85 Total Value)

Fershop Part 1

Fer Juaristi has always been a great inspiration for me. After meeting him and taking his workshop, he is even more awesome. I learned a lot from the workshop and he was such a great person to learn from and hang out with all day. He has such a deep love and passion for the wedding photography industry and is truly happy to share his knowledge with everyone from doing these workshops, or as he calls them, Fershops. I know that my photography skills have improved from taking this workshop and hope that I can continue to improve. It was also a lot of fun meeting the other attendees in Denver as they were such a great group of photographers!

Models: Kassie and Johan

Hosts: Sarah Fischer and John Bosley

Dress: Marie-Margot Bridal Couture

Hair and Makeup: K Schell Designs

Thanks to Brandi as well for treating us to pizza afterwards!

engagement session

denver colorado

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Spyder Monitor Calibration Software

I assisted Ed Pingol for a wedding over the weekend and we were talking about monitor calibration as he said the images from a recent post of mine were a little cold. He said that monitor calibration software is a must have because your images can vary significantly if it is not color calibrated especially when it gets printed. I have always looked into getting it but just never got around to doing it. I got the Colorvision Datacolor Spyder2 Express and after using it on my monitor, I definitely noticed a difference. Now I can see what Ed was talking about as the images did look a little cool to me now!

I never really had the issue before and even after calibrating my monitor, my older images all look fine and it was just my most recent images that I noticed the difference. The colors on monitors can change over time so it is recommended that the color get adjusted at least once a month.

I got the Spyder 2 Express because it was the cheapest and most basic one that Datacolor provides. Calibrating is super easy and only takes about 5-10 minutes. Spyder 3 Pro adn Elite are the other versions that have more advanced options but I think the Express version is perfectly fine for me. If you have dual screen, then you would need to get the other editions but I only use one Dell 30 inch LCD monitor. The Express version only allows you to use a fixed color temperature at 6500K with Gamma 2.2 but that is the default choice anyways and I dont think you really need to have the other choices. 

So for other wedding photographers who dont currently color calibrate their monitors, I highly recommend it and it is definitely a must have!