Gingerbread House

We attended Kathy’s Kreative Kakes‘s gingerbread house day for friends and family and had a lot of fun. It was the first time for me making a gingerbread house and it was more fun than I thought as you can be creative in your designs. Everyone’s house was unique and different and it was cool to see how everyone else’s turned out. We also made a christmas tree cake for my family and decorated it ourselves. Below is the one that my girlfriend and I made. Thanks to Kathy of Kathy’s Kreative Kakes in San Mateo and Sandy for inviting us!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


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Detail shots of my gingerbread house4210307640 ede3f6cb06 o Gingerbread House

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Detail shots of my Santa Claus!
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And here are some of the other gingerbread houses!4209544151 8d3bccb2a4 o Gingerbread House

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One thought on “Gingerbread House

  1. Kathy Mac Donald

    What great pictures,I was happy to see my gingerbread house “The Gutierrez Family”
    included in your collection.
    It was a great day and your tree cake and gingerbread house turned out great.

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