Cactus V4 Remote Flash Trigger Review

cactus v4 

Final and Last Update 2

Update 1 since this review

I received my Cactus V4 Remote Flash Triggers yesterday and tried it out on Domo. I ordered a set of Trigger and Receiver and a additional receiver. The Cactus V4 is a update of the original V2 cheap EBay remotes that everyone uses as opposed to Pocket Wizards. Unfortunately, they always have a lot of issues either misfiring or not firing at all unless you modified them. I hated using them because they would always not fire. The Cactus V4 by Gadget Infinity went on sale March 13th and quickly sold out. You cant even see any info about them on their website which is sort of funny. I waited one week for them after ordering and since they ship from Hong Kong, that is not bad. You can get 3-day shipping for like $48 or something like that, but waiting several more days for regular airmail was a way better option.

These are the specs for the set: 

1) New antenna design that increases the reliability and effective distance to 30 meters.
2) New power source for receiver –AAA batteries.
3) 16 selectable channels and advanced anti-interference feature.
4) Compatible with low trigger voltage portable flashes, high trigger voltage portable flashes and studio strobes.
5) Trigger set includes three (3) connection cables while receiver only package includes one (1).

I tested my two receivers out on a Canon 430EX, 580EXII, and a old cheapo Sunpak strobe with a Canon 40D. They fired almost everytime on all 3 flashes. The batteries that came with one of them was low, which scared me at first because I thought it wasnt working but once I changed the batteries, it worked fine. The Cactus V4 was suppose to be able to fire up to 1/500 but it definitely was not able to do it. I was able to shoot at 1/100 to 1/250 and it worked fine. I didnt do much testing on the range but I dont usually need a big range since I am usually not too far from the subject and the flashes.

Overall, I am pretty happy and impressed with them so far but I have not tested them out that much yet. I hope to try it out on a model shoot soon.


For this image, there is a 430ex behind Domo pointed at him at 1/16th power and another 580exII pointed at him at 1/16th power.

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