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Burning Man 2014

It was another awesome Burning Man for 2014. This year’s theme was Caravansary which kept the Man simple but yet the tallest Man ever erected. The actual burn of the Man took forever because they built that thing so well!

It was my third year and every year is always exciting and different. It was also interesting to go back to back as I went last year but my first time was back in 2007. I love the culture and experience of it all. One of my favorite things about being there is just connecting to people. I love to just wander and explore and just have conversations with strangers. The conversations that exist there with people you just meet are beyond what you could ever imagine. Its incredible and I wish it was as easy to have that opportunity every day.

It was also super cool to be contacted by Djoke and Richard to be their wedding photographer beforehand! I would love to go back every year to photograph a wedding there. Hint hint for my fellow Burners!

One thing that was different for me this year was the fact that most of these photos were actually taken with the Olympus OMD EM-5. I had a 12mm, 24mm, and a 45mm lens and it was so much lighter than carrying my DSLR everywhere I went!

More photos can be found at my Burning Man 2014 gallery here: http://alexhophotography.pixieset.com/burningman2014/

burning man 2014 burning man 2014 caravansary Me at the Temple
burning man 2014 burning man 2014 embrace burning man 2014 temple of grace burning man 2014 burning man 2014 burning man 2014 love burning man 2014 epod burning man hammock Alien Siege Machine burning man alien siege machine Sunrise before the Embrace gets burnedburning man 2014 embrace sunrise Waiting patiently for the Embrace burn burning man 2014 burning man 2014 embrace burn View from inside Embrace
burning man 2014 inside embrace burning man 2014 burning man 2014 burning man 2014 Lost Nomads of Vulcania burning man lost nomads of vulcania love burning man 2014 The Volcano Burn burning man 2014 volcano burn burning man 2014 petals burning man 2014 burning man dreambox burning man vw bus burning man 2014 party night

Burning Man Wedding of Djoke and Richard

I wasn’t sure if I was going to attend the annual Burning Man festival this year until Djoke contacted me. She saw my pictures from a wedding I shot at Burning Man last year and wanted me to photograph their wedding this year.

This was Djoke’s 11th year at Burning Man but it was only Richard’s first time. Unfortunately, neither of their parents could make it to Black Rock City so it was very important for them to have some great photos to share with the family. With such a great opportunity, this made my decision to attend a no brainer. The ceremony took place at the Pink Heart Camp and it provided for a lovely venue.

burning man wedding

burningman goggles

burningman wedding

pink heart wedding

black rock city wedding

burningman wedding jump

playa wedding

burningman bride groom

burningman wedding

playa burningman wedding caravansary

bride groom playa

burningman bride groom

playa dust

burningman pink heart wedding

burningman pink heart wedding

Burning Man 2013

This year was my second time at Burning Man. The first time I went was back in 2007 and I finally made it back home after a break. Burning Man is such a magical place and its hard to describe it to anyone who has never been there. It is one of those places that you truly have to experience on your own in order to know what it is like. There are things that I remember from last time that are still there and of course plenty of new things to see every year. The first time is always a sensory overload and since I knew what to expect the second time, it was definitely a different experience. What really set it in for me this year was on Saturday watching the Man burn. As we wait for the burn to begin, we are entertained by hundreds of fire dancers, spinners, and performers. Then there is an amazing display of pyrotechnics followed by the destruction of the spectacular architecture that was built. There is so much organization and planning put into the Burning Man Organization every year as a perfect circle is created around the burn filled with safety precautions and security while thousands of people surround the circle along with all the art cars creating a beautiful display of neon lights.  It is an experience that cannot be expressed in words.

Most people might think of it as a big rave or music festival full of hippies, drugs, orgies, and naked people. Although some of that is true, it is so much more than that. It can be an experience of a lifetime. There is so much creativity and art that takes place there as people spend months creating projects and structures only to have it be admired for a week before it gets burned, never to be seen again. It is a place where people can truly be themselves or whatever or whoever they want to be. People are happy there and friendly to everyone, and I just love meeting people there. There is nothing to be purchased other than ice and coffee. If you need something, someone will have it and will happily give it to you, possibly for a barter, or just for free. Alcohol is aplenty and all you may need is your ID just in case you need to prove you are over 21. There is so much to do there, and every single day, there is a big book full of scheduled events and workshops happening every hour. Many people can also be happy just relaxing and doing absolutely nothing and just hanging out with friends new or old.

It would be so awesome if the real world could be like this, but instead we will just have to settle for living in this Utopia called Black Rock City for just one week every year. Until next time…

My full set of photos from Burning Man 2013 can be seen here.

The Man at sunrise with a red glowburning man sunrise

One of the many gorgeous women that wander around the Playa.burning man hot girl spaceship

burning man sunset

burning man sunrise wolf

burning man sunset beautiful

One of the many art sculptures on display for all to enjoyburning man night

A small dust storm
burning man black rock desert playa

A view of The Temple from one of the windows at the Burning Man spaceshipburning man view of the temple

A closer view of the 2013 Templeburning man sunset the temple

burning man insanity

burning man believe

Peyton is only 4 years and she stayed at my camp with her 3 siblings. It was a blast having them around and she was a great photographer! Tex Allen has a writeup about her here.burning man cute little girl

burning man little girl camera

burning man at night

burning man night