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IC14 Photoshoot

This photoshoot from earlier in the year was for Content Magazine’s Image Challenge 2014. Photographers, models, hair stylists, make up artists, and fashion stylists all got together at Umbrella Salon in San Jose and got paired up randomly to do a few photoshoots around town. Images were then chosen to be featured in an article for the magazine. I enjoy doing fashion photoshoots since they can be pretty different from weddings. They are usually in a more controlled environment which is almost never the case in weddings. It can be great practice though and I wish I did more every year.

cover fashion photoshoot

male model


model backpack fashion shoot

model fashion


This was my latest photo shoot with Lindy at Glen Park. I was happy with the results that I got considering that it was pretty cold out. I got a chance to experiment a little bit more with taking photos at different shutter speeds to capture more of the background as well as just lighting the model specifically.

430ex shoot-through umbrella as main from left at 1/2 or 1/4 power
another cheapo strobe by itself as fill from right at 1/16 power
Canon 40d w/17-55 f.2.8 lens
0.5 sec exp f4.5 200 ISO

The tennis court lights in the background gave for some interesting background in the picture above as I used a 0.5 sec exposure.

Full set at Flickr