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The Amazon Jungle

The Amazon jungle is truly an amazing place. I spent three days in the jungle and the experience was definitely extraordinary and unique to the rest of the world. I flew into the small city of Iquitos, Peru and after a 1.5 hour car ride, took another 3 hour ride on a small boat into the jungles of the Amazon. We experience the jungle life staying in the villages among the Natives. The wildlife that you see in the jungle can be quite exciting and the different types of birds that you hear and see is so amazing. One family happens to raise two Sloths as pets and it was such an awesome experience to hold the Sloths. Sloths are a unique species of mammals that are so cute and adorable!

The company I went with for the tour was called Llaquipallay Jungle Expeditions and my guide, Adriano, was great. Adriano has been a tour guide for over twenty years and it is pretty crazy how he takes us into the jungle to walk around for hours and manages to know exactly where we are and take us back out with just his sense of direction and knowledge of the jungle. Here are some of the highlights.

The clouds and the sky are so vivid in the rain forests that it is so easy to enjoy the boat ride.amazon jungle river boat

Amazing sunset on the Amazon river.amazon jungle sunset

amazon jungle river morning

amazon jungle trees

The trees in the jungles are so amazing and some can be 500 years old or older.amazon jungle tree

amazon jungle river boat

amazon jungle river boat

amazon jungle clouds

amazon jungle river boat rainbow

amazon jungle river reflections

amazon jungle river tree reflection

Sloths are the best!amazon jungle sloth baby

It is so much fun holding Sloths because they will literally cling onto anyone and anything.amazon jungle sloth animal

An animal that I have never seen before.amazon jungle exotic animal

Wild monkey in the trees.amazon jungle wild monkey

My tour guide Adriano, caught a huge Stingray while fishing with just a fishing wire!amazon jungle river boat fishing stingray

Here is the Stingray that we put back in the water after capturing some pictures.amazon jungle river boat stingray

A picture of me with a Machete walking in knee high mud.amazon jungle adventure machete

The village and huts that we stayed at during our stay in the Amazon jungle.amazon jungle village huts

Enjoying a ride on a Tuk tuk in Iquitos, Peru.tuk tuk iquitos peru