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Pre Valentine’s Portrait and Photography Meetup

My friend Crystal organized a Pre Valentine’s Day Portrait Photography Workshop for a Meetup Group and asked me to come along to help mentor. There were over 60 attendees that included many beginner photographers as well as some single men/women who were happy to model for the photographers to get some portraits taken. We split up into small groups and I was happy to teach the group some pointers and tips on photography.

portrat female


portrait male

looking cool

stunner shades


shooting in action

style portrait

peekaboo behind the tree

profile portrait


Christmas Piano Recital

Cecilia Lok’s Annual Holiday Piano Recital was held at Tanforan Mall in San Bruno. Her students, children of all ages, perform in front of friends and family as well as shoppers at the mall! I had the privilege of taking portraits of each performer and here is a highlight of some of those shots.