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Point Reyes Meetup


Last weekend, I joined a group of people on a Flickr Meetup at Point Reyes. We met at the Visitor Center and apparently on weekends, you are not allowed to drive to the Lighthouse so we had to pay $5 to take a shuttle bus to get to the Lighthouse. It was very windy there and 50mph winds are normal. There is a 30 story stairway hike down to the light house which is a piece of cake going down but is quite a good cardio exercise going back up.



For the sunset, we headed over to Kehoe Beach to get some beach shots and long exposure shots. Once again, it was extremely windy at the beach and it also started to get overcast as the clouds rolled in later on. Overall, we had a good time and it was a good meetup and the organizer, Medeya did a good job.

long exposure 

More images can be found here