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My DIY Alex Strap

So now that I have two 5ds, I needed another strap for my second body since I cant stand using the default Canon straps. For my first body, I have the Black Rapid R Strap version RS-3. I love the Black Rapid straps but I feel that it is a little pricey for a strap especially when you can easily make it yourself for a lot less money. The version of the R-Strap that I have uses the older fastener that is not as nice as what the new ones use. So I could buy another new R-strap for about $60 or I can try making it myself for less than $20 in parts. I actually used this http://www.rphotographers.com/showthread.php?t=246 as a reference and it was very helpful. I basically used parts that I currently already had and purchased parts from http://www.strapworks.com.

This is the finished product.
3866232592 a95f1b3dc8 o My DIY Alex Strap

I already had a shoulder strap that came with my Case Logic Lens Case but you can easily buy the 1 inch belt straps from Michael’s, JoAnn’s, online or any fabric store. For the shoulder pad, Strapworks.com only had one choice for a shoulder pad and I didn’t like it since it was just a generic pad. You can probably find nicer ones that are replacement shoulder pads. I had a free Smug Mug camera strap that had a nice shoulder pad so I cut off the ends, and cut a couple lines in the leather end so that I could run the shoulder strap through the pad. To keep the fabric strap in place on top of the Smug mug strap, I used a hot glue gun and it worked nicely. The image above was before I did the hot glue.

3866232656 b2b4755567 o My DIY Alex Strap

From Strapworks.com, I ordered the Metal one inch Beefy Snap and the Plastic one inch Acetyl Plastic Cam Buckle.

3865448465 28e6f93af3 o My DIY Alex Strap
For the actual fastener that connects the camera to the hook, you can buy the Fastenr from Black Rapid or even buy a cheap Eye Ring hook from Home Depot. The fastener from Black Rapid is nice, but I did not want to pay $12 for it. I had an extra camera connector that is used to connect the camera to my Sunpak tripod. So what I did was remove the screw from the part pictured below. I took out the black plastic part, which left a hole through the top piece in the picture above. I used a D ring and crimped it into the hole. I then took a nut and washer and screwed it into the screw part so that there is no extra room after screwing it into the camera.


I have now updated the fastener with the Induro replacement camera screw pictured below and a 3cm locking carabiner from Sports Chalet to give it more support instead of the fastener above .

556349 My DIY Alex Strap

Here is an updated image of my alex strap. I have the redundant carabiner because it feels more secure. The carabiner has a locking screw to avoid accidentally falling off. The buckle unfortunately does not have any locking but I like the fact that it can swivel or else I would just hook the carabiner to the strap.

4119854225 28183df31f o My DIY Alex Strap

3865448217 b1062d176a o My DIY Alex Strap

This isn’t as pretty as the Black Rapid R-Strap but considering I basically replicated it for a lot less money, it was well worth the effort since it works just as good.

3866359110 4d95693f99 o My DIY Alex Strap