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Taryn and Mike Napa Wedding

Most people dont know that there are only a handful of actual vineyards that you can have weddings at in the town of Napa. There are however, plenty of other venues available for weddings in Sonoma Napa county. Additionally, there are plenty of vineyards in the surrounding areas and towns.
This wedding was no exception being held in the town of Angwin on a private estate. The wedding of course was lovely as I provided the coverage of the groom getting ready along with some highlights of the day.

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Kathryn and Patrick Hans Fahden Wedding

Kathryn and Patrick had a perfect winery wedding at Hans Fahden Vineyards. They had great weather, a beautiful scenery, vineyards, a wine cave, and of course plenty of wine. Hans Fahden was such a fun venue and had so many different great spots to photograph.  Kathryn and Patrick were so natural in front of the camera. I loved the photos that I was able to capture that showed their love for each other. wedding couple vineyards wedding calistoga napa sonoma  wedding bride getting ready bridal room bride at the doorway ready first look wedding vineyards bride and groom wedding couple napa wedding bride bride bouquet  wedding couple bride groom wedding groom wedding ceremony hans fahden winery wedding ceremony calistoga wedding party wedding couple bride groom wedding couple bride groom calistoga wedding couple bride groom wedding bride hans fahden wedding ring shot

The Lodge at Sonoma

The Lodge at Sonoma is a beautiful resort and spa nestled in Sonoma between all the beautiful wineries that also hosts plenty of weddings every year. Luisa and Brian held their wedding ceremony and reception at this gorgeous venue and even though its normally quite warm this time of year there, the weather was quite interesting. It stayed dry and was a little cooler than normal, which made it really comfortable for an outdoor reception and gave us some pretty clouds around sunset.

Sonoma Resort Hotel Napa Valley Wine Country

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The Lodge at Sonoma Renaissance Resort & Spa

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