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Death Valley National Park

I went on an awesome Google Plus photowalk organized by Thomas Hawk with 50 other photographers to Death Valley National Park. It was a great experience and so much fun. I never knew that Death Valley was such a cool place and going there with so many other photographers made the experience even better.

badwater reflection death valley

badwater death valley

devils golf course death valley

devilsgolfcourse death valley

Just another day at the Beach
mesquite sand dunes death valley

mosaic canyon death valley

mosaic canyon deathvalley

mountains death valley

sand dunes death valley

zabriskie point panaramic panarama

Panaramic at Zabriskie Pointzabriskie point panaramic panarama

Arches and Canyonlands

Delicate Arch – Arches National Park

The past weekend I went on a road trip to Utah through Colorado from New Mexico. I flew to Albuquerque, New Mexico to visit a friend we went to Tent Rocks. Tent Rocks was pretty cool and it was a good hike and we were actually the only two people there on a Thursday afternoon.

tent rocks

Tent Rocks however, was nothing compared to the sites we saw in Utah. We drove up the next day through Colorado to Moab, Utah. Colorado had some really pretty landscapes and green scenery.


 balancing rock
Balancing Rock at Arches National Park

The sites along the drive were truly amazing and the landscapes that form through millions of years is just incredible. Unfortunately, pictures do the national parks no justice whatsoever because if you see it for yourself, it is ten times better. The vastness of the views as you look out into the open is just breathtaking because you are looking out at hundreds of miles of landscapes and there is truly nothing like it. There were also plenty of European tourists at Arches National Park so it is obviously known around the world.

dead horse point
Lookout from Dead Horse Point

penis rock
Penis Rock – Of course this was one of the highlights, at Arches National Park, there was a rock that looks like a penis.

Unfortunately, I got a speeding ticket heading back to New Mexico, so that sucks, but the sites in Utah were pretty sweet.

More images from the set are here.