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Pacifica Family Portraits

I shot a great family session in Pacifica for an old high school buddy of mine and boy are his kids super cute! I am sure life can be a handful when you have twins, but when they are as adorable as Max and Chloe, I am sure they bring great happiness as well. They must be great older silblings to Nikko! We also got pretty lucky finding a nice and clear day in Pacifica at this time of the year.

pacifica family portrait session mori point

pacifica family photosession beach mori point

pacifica family kids photosession

pacifica family kids photosession

pacifica family kids photoshoot

pacifica family kids photo

pacifica family kids photosession beach

pacifica family kids photosession


pacifica photoshoot

pacifica family kids photosession beach

pacifica family kids portraits beach

pacifica family kids photosession beach ocean tide

pacifica family kids ocean beach

pacifica family kids photosession beach

Redtide Bioluminescence in Pacifica

There is a really cool phenomenon called Redtide which is when a huge concentration of algae bloom takes place causing a discoloration in the water. The phytoplankton called Lingulodinium polyedrum contain photosynthetic pigments causing the Ocean waves near Pacifica and Linda Mar to turn a neon blue. The color is the most obvious when there is a lot of movement, so it mainly shows up during the waves. Not sure how long this will last, but it started occurring last week. Unfortunately, it is not as obvious with the human eye but it does look really cool in photos. These were done with around a 2 second exposure.

redtide bioluminescence ocean waves pacifica linda mar beach

redtide bioluminescence waves pacifica lindamar

Davenport, CA

I went to Davenport, CA with a Bay Area Flickr Group for a photowalk and here are some of my shots. Considering it was in the middle of winter, the weather was pretty nice and it was not too windy. Davenport is a small little town about 10 miles north of Santa Cruz along Highway 1.

The highlight of the town is the old torn down pier that use to exist along the beach which now leaves four structure columns that makes for a good photograph. It is actually possible to go down the cliff to the beach to get a closer view and although everyone was tempted to climb down, we didnt have any rope and figured it was not worth the risk especially when we have fancy camera gear. The nearby beach area also had a neat little cave and a small waterfall.