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Alex Strap modified Dual Harness

Update 09.28.2011
I wanted to update this post with my latest purchase:
This is to replace the Induro replacement screw that is used to connect the camera to the strap. This option works well and is cheaper than the Black Rapid FastenR-3.

I wanted to share what kind of camera strap I use when I shoot with two camera bodies. There are many different ways of carrying your camera but when you shoot with two bodies, it can get a little more complicated. You can have two separate camera straps but it is more convenient when you have a dual strap. For dual straps, there are several choices such as the Camera Slinger and the Black Rapid Dual Strap. However, they are both quite costly. Another good option is to do the Ed Pingol way of using eye bolts/screws on the camera and just hooking it onto your belt without any straps at all.

The option I went with was getting the Op Tech Dual Harness which was significantly cheaper than the other ones. The one thing I didnt like about it though was that it connects to your camera bodies on the two sides similar the default Canon strap that comes with the bodies which I hated. I modified it by using the same strap but wrapping it around itself to be more secure and stable, then used a 3cm locking carabiner from Sports Chalet and putting a Induro replacement screw on my camera body. I find this to work a lot better. You can also easily detach the camera and take advantage of the belt buckle of the Op Tech dual harness if you need to.

If I just shoot with one body, I use my Alex Strap that I made to resemble the Black Rapid R Strap which I wrote about here.