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My own wedding

As a wedding photographer, it was a great experience to have my own wedding to experience what it feels like to be a client/groom. I actually had a lot of fun and enjoyed almost all the aspects of a wedding, planning, looking for vendors, etc. I know how it feels like now for brides and grooms to go through all the effort that goes into planning a wedding. Our wedding took place in Livermore at Wente Winery and even though it rained for most of the day, everything went well with some minor adjustments. The rain stopped right in time for our bridal party portraits and the ceremony which was really nice.

In the beginning, choosing a date, choosing the venue, can be a big headache as theres so many choices. As the date gets closer, I basically just wanted to get it all over with but now that its all done, I do have to say it was all worth it. Since it is usually a once in a lifetime event, it is well worth everything that goes into the event. We tried to keep the wedding simple yet elegant and all within a reasonable budget and I would say we did pretty well.

Stay tuned for pics from the wedding as well as a detailed writeup about all the vendors, websites, and tips that I used to help me plan my wedding that can hopefully help others in planning their special day.