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IC14 Photoshoot

This photoshoot from earlier in the year was for Content Magazine’s Image Challenge 2014. Photographers, models, hair stylists, make up artists, and fashion stylists all got together at Umbrella Salon in San Jose and got paired up randomly to do a few photoshoots around town. Images were then chosen to be featured in an article for the magazine. I enjoy doing fashion photoshoots since they can be pretty different from weddings. They are usually in a more controlled environment which is almost never the case in weddings. It can be great practice though and I wish I did more every year.

cover fashion photoshoot

male model


model backpack fashion shoot

model fashion

Newborn Twins

This was the first time I did a newborn session with twins and they were so cute! What was even better was that they were a pair of boy and girl fraternal twins and were just three weeks old!  In addition to newborn pictures, we also took some holiday family portraits and with five children, I couldn’t believe how surprisingly smooth the photoshoot went. The kids were all so well behaved and everyone was so nice that I had a great time doing the portraits.

newborn baby boy girl twins portraits

newborn baby boy girl twins portraits photosession heart

newborn baby boy girl twins photosession

newborn fraternal baby boy girl twins portraits

baby fraternal boy girl twins portraits

baby boy girl twins portraits

newborn baby santa portraits

cute newborn baby boy girl twins portraits

newborn baby portraits

playing ipad

newborn twins and kids

newborn baby twins sleeping

xmas lights


family holiday portraits

family holiday xmas christmas portraits

Newborn Baby Riley Portraits

I love how these portraits turned out of baby Riley. She was one of the most cooperative babies that I have ever worked and it made the photosession a blast to do! Thanks to Irene of PetitePommeDesign for doing a great job styling the shoot which made the job even easier to get such awesome photos!

baby basket portraits

baby glasses portraits

apple mac baby portraits

baby foot portraits

baby portraits photo session sleeping infant newborn bay area san francisco

baby newborn portraits photosession

baby shelf

baby room

baby photoshoot sleeping

baby newborn portraits photosession tray

baby letter R

baby newborn portraits