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The perfect date

Angela and Jeff were such a cute couple! They were so loving and I hardly had to direct them. This engagement session seemed like such a typical sunday afternoon for them! They were big movie buffs so doing some pictures in a movie theater was awesome. It was so much fun!

beautiful couple

redwoodcity movie theater

redwood city movie theater

redwood city movie theater engagement session

redwood city movie theater

movie theater

hallway movie theatre

redwood city downtown movie theater

redwood city movie theater escalator

redwood city movie theater arcade

tablehockey arcade

table hockey theater arcade

table hockey movie theater arcade

redwood city movie theater arcade

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foster city ryan park silhouette

Wedding Ceremony and Reception at Hotel Sofitel

Here are some detail shots of the ceremony and reception areas of Hotel Sofitel in Redwood Shores. This is a great location to have a wedding at as it has a great location in the peninsula and is super convenient. The outdoor area for a ceremony was beautiful. There were also plenty of spots inside and outside for photos. There are also good banquet hall options whether you want to have a big or intimate wedding reception.

hotel sofitel redwood city

wedding ceremony redwood shores hotel sofitel

outdoor ceremony water bay area peninsula wedding redwood city hotel sofitel

reception dinner hotel sofitel wedding

hotel accor redwood city peninsula wedding reception dinner

table setting reception banquet hall hotel sofitel