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Death Valley National Park

I went on an awesome Google Plus photowalk organized by Thomas Hawk with 50 other photographers to Death Valley National Park. It was a great experience and so much fun. I never knew that Death Valley was such a cool place and going there with so many other photographers made the experience even better.

badwater reflection death valley

badwater death valley

devils golf course death valley

devilsgolfcourse death valley

Just another day at the Beach
mesquite sand dunes death valley

mosaic canyon death valley

mosaic canyon deathvalley

mountains death valley

sand dunes death valley

zabriskie point panaramic panarama

Panaramic at Zabriskie Pointzabriskie point panaramic panarama

Yvette and Carlos Engagement Session at Baker Beach

Yvette and Carlos had their engagement session at Baker Beach in San Francisco. It wasn’t foggy and we had a view of the Golden Gate Bridge so that was good. However, it started drizzling and eventually rained, which caught us by surprise. Of course the weather was not going to stop us from getting plenty of images to show their love for each other.