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Burning Man 2014

It was another awesome Burning Man for 2014. This year’s theme was Caravansary which kept the Man simple but yet the tallest Man ever erected. The actual burn of the Man took forever because they built that thing so well!

It was my third year and every year is always exciting and different. It was also interesting to go back to back as I went last year but my first time was back in 2007. I love the culture and experience of it all. One of my favorite things about being there is just connecting to people. I love to just wander and explore and just have conversations with strangers. The conversations that exist there with people you just meet are beyond what you could ever imagine. Its incredible and I wish it was as easy to have that opportunity every day.

It was also super cool to be contacted by Djoke and Richard to be their wedding photographer beforehand! I would love to go back every year to photograph a wedding there. Hint hint for my fellow Burners!

One thing that was different for me this year was the fact that most of these photos were actually taken with the Olympus OMD EM-5. I had a 12mm, 24mm, and a 45mm lens and it was so much lighter than carrying my DSLR everywhere I went!

More photos can be found at my Burning Man 2014 gallery here: http://alexhophotography.pixieset.com/burningman2014/

burning man 2014 burning man 2014 caravansary Me at the Temple
burning man 2014 burning man 2014 embrace burning man 2014 temple of grace burning man 2014 burning man 2014 burning man 2014 love burning man 2014 epod burning man hammock Alien Siege Machine burning man alien siege machine Sunrise before the Embrace gets burnedburning man 2014 embrace sunrise Waiting patiently for the Embrace burn burning man 2014 burning man 2014 embrace burn View from inside Embrace
burning man 2014 inside embrace burning man 2014 burning man 2014 burning man 2014 Lost Nomads of Vulcania burning man lost nomads of vulcania love burning man 2014 The Volcano Burn burning man 2014 volcano burn burning man 2014 petals burning man 2014 burning man dreambox burning man vw bus burning man 2014 party night