Cynthia and Henry Wedding at St Marys Church and Dynasty Restaurant

For this wedding, I had the pleasure of second shooting with the world renowned Gene Higa. Gene is one of the top photographers in the world that I highly look up to and that made capturing this wedding an awesome experience for me. The day started out with the traditional chinese door games and tea ceremony which is always a great start to the day. We also got some beautiful photos at Stanford where it felt like wedding central with a ton of bridal parties there for portraits. I look forward to hopefully working with Gene again soon!

One of my favorite shots of the day.
Cynthia and Henry Wedding at St Marys Church

Gene putting the boutonniere on the groom

groom and the groomsmen and gene higa

The first challenge was to take turns following some yoga poses

another yoga pose for the traditional chinese bridal party game

The goal of this challenge was to empty the box full of balls by shaking them out.

The bridesmaids always get a kick out of the chinese door games!

The groomsmen help the groom serenade the bride.

The bride is enjoying the serenade.

The bridesmaids collect the lucky money envelope from the groomsmen and find a battery!

newleywed portraits at stanford church

bridal party walk stanford palo alto

Their photobooth was a big hit and had long lines the whole evening!

bride listening to the speeches

cake cutting toast dynasty restaurant second shooting with gene higa cupertino

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